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New Pokkén Tournament Pokémon Will Be Revealed On January 15, Here’s A Teaser



The Pokémon Company and Bandai Namco announced today on Pokkén Tournament’s official Twitter account that a new playable Pokémon will be revealed on January 15.


Similar to the previous hint last month the teaser shares a hint saying that the newcomer will be a Pokémon with the letter “ラ” (“ra” or works as “la”). That said, we all know it’s going to be the mighty コッタ/Koratta (Rattata) or the great guardian トンセル/Toranseru (Metapod). You can look at other possible Pokémon by using ctrl+F to look for names with “ラ” in this list.


Pokkén Tournament is currently available for Japanese arcades. The game will release for Wii U in Japan on March 18 and North America and Europe in spring 2016.

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