New Pokémon Anime Will Feature A New Protagonist Set In The First Generation


The Pokémon Company previously announced that a new Pokémon anime is set to debut close to the release of the next generation of Pokémon games. Called Pocket Monsters XY, it will air this October. At the “Pokémon Game Show” that is currently taking place, they’ve announced a new animation titled Pocket Monsters: The Origin that will take place during the first Pokémon generation, featuring a brand new protagonist and other characters.


The trailer that was shown at the event begins with a nostalgic look at the intro of the original series on Game Boy. It will take place in the Kanto region of Pokémon Red and Green (Blue version outside of Japan) and will focus around a new main character who chooses Charmander to start his Pokémon journey.


According to the report, the trailer also showed a fight against Brock and the main rival.


Pocket Monsters: The Origin will begin airing on October 2nd, on TV Tokyo.


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