New Pokémon Figures Revealed At This Year’s Mega Hobby Expo 2016 Spring



New pictures of Kotobukiya’s Red with Pikachu figure have surfaced from Mega Hobby Expo 2016 Spring. The figure was first announced at Wonder Festival, but these are some of the first images of the figure itself to emerge. As of right now, no release date for the Red with Pikachu figure has been announced.


In addition, MegaHouse also revealed a few of their own upcoming Pokémon figures. Brock and Nurse Joy figures as well as Lucario and Mewtwo Variable Action Heroes were featured at Mega Hobby Expo 2016 Spring.


You can check out all the figures in the images below, courtesy of AmiAmi.


red-with-pikachu-2 red-with-pikachu-3



pokemon-figure-2 pokemon-figure-4

pokemon-figure-5 pokemon-figure-6

pokemon-figure-7 pokemon-figure-8


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