New Resident Evil Merchandise Includes Green and Red Herb Bath Salts

Resident Evil Merchandise Green Red Herb

Capcom has released a series of new Resident Evil merchandise, which includes Red and Green Herb bath salts. Additionally, these items are part of a collection of merchandise inspired by the Umbrella Corporation. However, while these items are only available to obtain through the Capcom Store Tokyo location and website, international shipping is available. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

The Resident Evil Red and Green Herb bath salts will cost 550 yen a piece, or roughly $5. The Umbrella Corporation branded ballpoint pen is the same price. The Umbrella Corporation report pad will cost 990 yen or $9, while the Umbrella memo pad will cost 660 yen, or $6.

You can take a look at this new series of Resident Evil merchandise below.

These items are immediately available to purchase. It is also noted that these items could potentially be sold at events at a later date. As mentioned previously, international shipping is available. However, it will vary by country. Additionally, other Resident Evil series merchandise is currently available to pre-order.

Goods inspired by the Netflix series, Resident Evil Infinite Darkness are currently available to pre-order. This includes acrylic keychains, standees, and a special MAD DOGS multipurpose bag. The bag can be worn two ways and is a limited collaboration item.

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