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New RPG LOOP8 Will Launch in Japan in 2022


During the February 9, 2022 Nintendo Direct presentation, Nintendo announced a 2022 release window for LOOP8. This game is a “juvenile RPG” from Marvelous that has multiple endings and paths the game can take depending on your dialogue choices. It will also feature a turn-based battle system. The exact release date for LOOP8 is still unknown, but more information will appear in the future.

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LOOP8 follows the story of Nini, who moves to Ashihara. Despite the peaceful atmosphere of the seaside town, the world is actually in great peril from the threat of the Kegai. Nini and his friends must face off against them, wielding powers that they obtain within the story. There will also be a calendar and clock system in-game to keep you on track, meaning there is a time management system as well.

LOOP8’s biggest selling point will be its “Kareru System.” Every character other than Nini has their own actions, moods, and desires throughout the day. You will have to carefully choose your dialogue options to match how they feel or what they want if you hope to get the outcome you’re looking for. As other characters’ relationships and moods are always changing, you can experience a variety of outcomes over several playthroughs. Games such as Until Dawn boasted a similar system, with varying forms of success.

LOOP8 will launch in 2022 for the Nintendo Switch in Japan. There is no news of a localization as of yet.

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