New Science Adventure Series Steins; Project Announced by MAGES

Mages New Science Adventure Project Steins;Gate Steins;

MAGES has announced a new Science Adventure series project teased as Steins;○○○○ and it will be connected to the Steins;Gate subseries. The new project announcement comes from the company strategy presentation live stream that took place today.

Company president Chiyomaru Shikura described the relation between the new title and Steins;Gate as something similar to what we have between Chaos;Head and Chaos;Child. He also said that you could think of it as a sequel, but it isn’t a fan disc. It will also be a completely new series, but you can expect to see Steins;Gate characters make appearances.

According to Shikura, Steins;Gate is complete with the original Steins;Gate and Steins;Gate 0, as any more would be redundant. Now, we’ve seen the likes of Amadeus Kurisu appear in Anonymous;Code, so there are connections all over the place.

During the live stream, Shikura explained that in the past, they released a title called Chaos;Head, which was followed by a completely new title called Chaos;Child. While its scenario was evaluated higher than Steins;Gate’s, sales were only a tenth of it in comparison. The thought of that has always stayed in Shikura’s mind, and that’s where we’ll get Steins;○○○○.

There’s already the plot and the developers already made its presentation. The game title is Steins;___. In addition to the series’ main characters, there will be something like the world lines from Steins;Gate in the new Science Adventure project. It will be completely new so you don’t have to be familiar with Steins;Gate to enjoy, but fans of the series will definitely find a lot to enjoy as well.

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