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New Screenshots And Tease Of Yasunori Mitsuda’s Score For RPG Edge of Eternity Released




An update has appeared on Edge of Eternity’s IndieDB page, showing off new screenshots from the RPG and talking about the orchestral soundtrack from Yasunori Mitsuda and Cedric Menendez.




Yasunori Mitsuda recently met up with the team and the Bratislava Symphonic Orchestra to record the game’s orchestral score. The developers promise a preview of this music will be available soon.




Edge of Eternity is a sci-fi RPG inspired by Final Fantasy and in development by four people. As main character Daryon, a man fighting an alien threat that turns people into metallic monsters and animals, players will fight in turn-based, ATB-style combat that lets players move through zones on the battlefield to get inside or outside of their enemy’s range.




The developers also state that they will post a new video of the game’s battle system, done with its more enhanced visuals, soon.

Alistair Wong
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