New Silent Hill Hoodie Inspired by Silent Hill 2

silent hill hoodie

While there might not be any word about new Silent Hill games yet, Konami is still working on new merchandise. The company opened its own online storefront back in February 2021. When August 5, 2021 rolls around, it will add pre-orders for a limited edition Silent Hill hoodie. It didn’t announce a price for it yet. However, it did note that the listing will go live on the Official Konami Shop at 3pm PT/6pm ET.

Here’s the announcement, which shows off the front and back of the Silent Hill hoodie. In particular, it draws inspiration from Silent Hill 2. Pyramid Head appears on the back in front of the classic “save” symbol. The right arm has “There was a hole here” written on it. On the front, the quote is continued with “It’s gone now.” Glyphs appear in red along the pocket. Also, it has a red lining to match the accents.

This is one of many items inspired by the series to show up in the storefront. For example, back in June 2021 Konami added skateboards with Bubble Head Nurses on them. It also offers shirts, hats, pillows, and a Welcome to Silent Hill mat.

The Silent Hill hoodie pre-orders will open in the Official Konami Shop on August 5, 2021. Konami hasn’t announced any new entries in the series yet. However, it is working with Bloober Team on something.

Jenni Lada
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