Sniper Wolf Figure Ramps Up The Bishoujo



Kotobukiya has revealed a new 5.5 inch Sniper Wolf (from Metal Gear Solid) figure as part of its Bishoujo line (thanks Rocket News).


The figure is based on a re-design of Yoji Shinkawa’s original concept for Sniper Wolf by illustrator Shunya Yamashita. The intention is make her sexier and, as you can see, this is mostly done through her suggestive posture and accentuated cleavage.


But Yamashita doesn’t forget Sniper Wolf’s love of dogs and has seen fit to include a pup breaking out of the box she sits on.


Kotobukiya is taking pre-orders for the Sniper Wolf figure over on its website at 7,800 yen (US$65). It should start shipping in May 2016.

Chris Priestman