New Star Ocean Title To Be Announced At Square-Enix Party



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The Square-Enix party is so full of mystery and ambiguity that hardly anyone really knows what’ll happen aside from what’s already been planned; but according to Famitsu’s latest news story, Square-Enix plans on unveiling new information regarding a new game of the Star Ocean series at the party. The only real question is; exactly what new Star Ocean project is it? Is it a new entry in the series or a remake of perhaps the Super Famicom classic? Even better, will it be a remake of the PSOone classic? Who knows, but Square-Enix will mention it pretty soon; so if you’re a fan of the Star Ocean series, whether it be because of the crazy amount of depth its gameplay has or Motoi Sakuraba’s music, keep an eye out for when Square-Enix unveils the latest Star Ocean series.


What are you expecting the news to be?

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