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New Super Lucky’s Tale PS4 and Xbox One Versions Arrive August 21, 2020

new super luckys tale ps4

New Super Lucky’s Tale PS4 and Xbox One versions are heading out rather soon. Lucky will appear on two more consoles on August 21, 2020. Though, this is actually his second time visiting the Xbox One, what with Super Lucky’s Tale originally launching on there, but this is a much bigger and richer adventure, after all.

New Super Lucky’s Tale is a 3D platformer along the lines of recent releases like A Hat in Time and Yooka-Laylee. Lucky and his sister are trying to protect the Book of Ages from someone who was once sworn to also protect it. As this villain, Jinx, is about to strike, Lucky is actually sucked into the book. As it is damaged, it is up to players to help Lucky visit different worlds and collect pages to make things right, all while fighting Jinx’s Kitty Litter allies who are also inside.

It was a big deal upon its release, due to how much changed. It isn’t just a slightly better looking with a new camera and all the DLC. It also completely updates the story and makes it longer. There are also a lot of levels that were changed and new stages were added, so it can feel completely different from the original version.

New Super Lucky’s Tale PS4 and Xbox One versions will arrive on August 21, 2020, though Nintendo Switch owners can go ahead and help Lucky save the day right now. The original Super Lucky’s Tale is available on the Xbox One and PC.

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