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New Support Characters Who Will Be Helping You Out In Dragon’s Crown


Atlus have updated their Dragon’s Crown website with the addition of new characters along with some multiplayer information. The home point of Dragon’s Crown is set in a town called Hideland, where you’ll be able to visit shops and group up for your upcoming adventure.


Here’s a look at key characters you’ll be meeting in Hideland:


Princess Vivian


Princess Vivian first appears at the castle of Hideland. She’ll be requesting for your help in solving cases, it is still unknown as to how you’ll be helping her, but I have a feeling it’ll have to do with plenty of dungeon exploring.


Guild Master Samuel


As his title implies, the bulky armored Samuel is the master of the town guild. He’ll be responsible in registering your name to the guild and providing quests.


Lucain The Wizard


Lucain is found researching in an ancient tower. Known for his many achievements throughout his lifetime of being a great wizard, he now spends his days studying and providing adventurers with knowledge and hints.


The next two characters will be helping you explore the dangerous dungeons of Dragon’s Crown. They might not possess the strength to help you out in actual combat, but they will definitely help you out in dungeon runs with their useful skills.


Loni The Thief


Loni is a talented lock picker, who’ll follow you through the depths of any dungeon. He will help by opening doors and treasure boxes, which you normally wouldn’t be able to on your own.


Tiki The Fairy



Tiki is a fairy helper, who will help guiding you with directions to help navigate your way around dungeons.


Multiplayer will have up to four players in a dungeon at a time. Co-op mode can be played through Ad-hoc on PlayStation Vita or through a party of players on the PlayStation 3. Data sharing between the two devices will also be possible, so you can play Dragon’s Crown on the big screen and also on the go.


Both the PlayStation 3 and Vita will have online play, where players can be matched up with other players within a certain level range. Unfortunately, there won’t be a cross-platform multiplayer feature, but data-sharing is possible.


Dragon’s Crown is slated to be released on July 25th, for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

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