New Sword Art Online VR Project Sword Art Online: Replication Announced



Bandai Namco and NTT DoCoMo are teaming up for a new Sword Art Online VR project called Sword Art Online: Replication with a look at its player character, original character named Mist, and story.


About Sword Art Online: Replication

On day, you dive into the VRMMO Sword Art Online and taken as a prisoner on the world known as the floating island Aincrad.


You end up becoming one of the participants of a death game where “death in real life = death in reality.” This is where you encounter a pretty girl named Mist.


Will you be able to partake in this death game and its many difficulties that await, all while protecting the girl and staying alive until the end?



Player character and original heroine Mist.


Sword Art Online: Replication is a VR Game project that uses 5G lines with a goal of replicating the world of Aincraft that appears in Sword Art Online. Starting December 8 through December 10, a 5G test demonstration will take place at the Tokyo Solomachi at Tokyo Skytree Town.


Participants will get 15 minutes to try out the game at the demonstration, where they’ll team up with Kirito, Asuna and others in the new SAO VR game. Those of you interested can apply here.

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