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New Temtem Islands Coming in Summer and Fall 2020

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As promised, the first Temtem roadmap has been released by Crema. Though it only covers three seasons of 2020, a lot of major updates are planned for this year. For example, in both Summer and Fall, new Temtem islands are on the way to give people new places to visit and creatures to catch.

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Here’s an image showing off the whole Temtem roadmap for much of 2020.

temtem roadmap temtem islands

The first changes coming in Spring 2020 are largely quality of life adjustments. The big one has to do with ranked matchmaking for PvP and Spectator Mode. Tamer Matchmaking Rating will involve placement matches to find a spot for people, then help them find and fight people at the same level of them. Pansuns will be given as a reward once ranked matchmaking is working, auto-scaling will have SVs at 50 for their battles and levels at the 48 level cap to get people going right away in ranked. Also, balancing is planned. The first version of Spectator Mode will allow viewers to see the participants’ teams and creature HP and STA. In-game chat with different chat bubble options and ways to talk to everyone or specific people will be coming. Also, the beginnings of Club Management, which will let people create guilds, will be implemented. (Dojo Wars, its competitive part, won’t be until later.)

The Summer 2020 updates will bring the first one of the new Temtem islands. It will be called Kisiwa, and people will be able to find 25 new kinds of Temtem there. This update will also add more emote opportunities, allow people to finally get the Climbing Gear that will allow them to use some shortcuts and reach some treasures we’ve already seen in the game, and start getting a house together in Atoll Row. Houses won’t require people to buy permits or land, but you can earn and use Pansuns on furniture.

Finally, the Fall 2020 Temtem roadmap section details another new location and extra creatures. Cipanku will appear in this update, bringing 25 ordinary Temtem and one mythical one with it. This will also add Achievements, the ability to participate in tournaments, and a quest diary.

Temtem is now in early access for PCs. It will eventually come to the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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