New Trailer And Demo Appears For “Cyberpunk Bartending Action” Game VA-11 HALL-A



Sukeban Games has released a new story trailer for its “cyberpunk bartending action” game VA-11 HALL-A. There’s also a brand new demo to check out. You can download it on


In the game, you play as a bartender called Jill who works and lives in Glitch City. All the inhabitants of this corrupt future city have been infected with nanomachines while they are forced to obey the government’s laws strictly by the patrolling White Knights. The stress is high, as you might imagine, and so many people turn to the bar, which is where you serve them the drinks they’re after and listen to their woes.



The new trailer shows some of the features that have been added to the game in recent months and that you can experience in the demo. This includes scenes outside of the bar at Jill’s home where you’re able to have text conversations with people and use apps on her phone.


There’s also a chance to visit shops and spend the money you earn at the bar that can be used to decorate Jill’s home. Other than that, it’s more of what’s been seen before: mixing up cocktails for your customers using the instructions the game provides for each one.

Chris Priestman