New Trailer For Military RPG Long Gone Days Announces Release Date


Long Gone Days, a military RPG with an emphasis on visual novel storytelling and companionship between party members, has announced its Early Access release date with a new trailer.


The trailer, which showcases sniper battles, gunfights against soldiers, moments of temporary peace and friendship, and a gripping story, continues to dole out bits of information on Long Gone Days’ play style and combat. Doing away with random encounters, players will usually know when a fight is coming, and in a battle will be able to target body parts to disable foes in the game’s story-focused fights.

In the game’s story of an unavoidable war, players will have to deal with language barriers in their journey, hiring interpreters to deal with the various peoples and languages they come across in their fight. They’ll also need to learn how to communicate with their party members and allies as well, working to say things that will make them happy and keep their morale high so they can maintain their abilities in a fight.


Long Gone Days will be available on Steam Early Access on March 28.

Alistair Wong
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