New Trigun Project Teased via Twitter


A classic series from the 1990s may be on the verge of a comeback. An anonymous Japanese Twitter account called “$$6,000,000 Bounty” ($$6,000,000の賞金首) popped up with a teaser for what could be a new project related to Trigun. The 1998 anime adaptation of Yasuhiro Nightow’s manga is considered a classic of the genre, and fondly remembered by many older anime fans.

Check out the account’s single Tweet below.

The tweet shows off a torn-up wanted poster in the wild west style. The tears hide the face of the sought-after character and a logo, revealing a date, which is June 17, 2022. The telltale sign that could be linking the project to Trigun is the bounty amount (and the Twitter account’s name) of 6 million “double dollars.” The double dollar sign ($$) was used in Trigun‘s setting, and its main character, Vash the Stampede, had a bounty on his head of $$60 billion. The series itself follows the adventures of Vash on a distant desert planet, while he takes on over-the-top assassins, explores his mysterious past, and is pursued by a pair of insurance agents out to keep him from racking up too much property damage.

Ordinarily, a vague tease like this wouldn’t catch much attention, but it received early retweets and follows from prominent accounts. Those accounts included that of Yoshiyuki Fudetani, Trigun‘s manga editor, and the official account of Young King Ours magazine, the home publication of the Trigun Maximum manga series.

As for exactly what form a new Trigun project will take, that’s unconfirmed. The manga concluded in March 2007. Despite various rumors, no new animated productions have emerged since the 1998 series (which didn’t adapt the whole story) and 2010’s one-off Badlands Rumble film. The difference in the bounty amounts could imply that a new character or spin-off is in the works, as well, rather than a retelling of Vash’s story. In any case, it won’t be long until fans get further hints, as something should be announced on June 17, 2022.

Trigun is available to view on streaming services. The Trigun manga is licensed in English by Dark Horse.

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