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New Viera Hairstyles in FFXIV Resemble 2B and Lightning

FFXIV Viera hairstyles Lightning

During the FFXIV Letter from the Producer live LXVII, Director and Producer Naoki Yoshida mentioned upcoming new hairstyles for the Viera race. Specifically, the new hairstyles are only for female Viera characters. Among the hairstyles showed off during the stream resemble 2B’s from NieR: Automata and Lightning’s from Final Fantasy XIII. These are new to the female Viera and are already available in-game for other races.

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In total, the producers showed off six hair options for the female Viera. Aside from the aforementioned Lightning and 2B hairstyles, there are also rather modern options, such as a pixie cut and medium-length soft curls. They also commented that 2B’s hairstyle was a high priority due to the demand.

Only female Viera will get hairstyles in FFXIV Version 6.0, while Hrothgar players will need to wait until Version 6.1. This is due to the unique facial structure for the Hrothgar. Version 6.0 will launch on December 3, 2021 instead of its original November release date due to a delay. Meanwhile, Version 6.1 will go live on December 21, 2021. Even though male Viera will not get new hairstyles in the coming FFXIV 6.0 update, they do not have the same limitations as their female counterparts or the Hrothgar. Thus if Square Enix wishes to add more options in the future, it will be easier.

The FFXIV staff also acknowledges that the team is aware of the number of requests from players to see new hairsyles for the Viera and the Hrothgar. Yoshida apologized for the delay in implementation. While Yoshida agreed that it may sound like an excuse, he also noted that the developers mentioned from the beginning that they would run into difficulties.

Final Fantasy XIV is available for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Windows PC. FFXIV Endwalker will come out on December 7, 2021 instead of in November, due to a delay.

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