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New Genshin Impact Weapons Complement Liyue Characters

Genshin Impact banner

MiHoYo announced three new weapons that will be available in Genshin Impact‘s next event wish update. The Staff of Homa, Lithic Blade, and Lithic Spear will be obtainable through the Epitome Invocation banner.

The Staff of Homa will have a Crit DMG sub stat and its skill works by increasing the wielder’s max HP, and then giving an ATK bonus based off 0.8% of their HP. When the wielder’s HP is lower than 50%, this bonus is increased to 1%. Players who play an offense-oriented Zhongli may want to try pulling for the Staff of Homa.

However, if the rumors about the upcoming Hu Tao’s set are true, then the Staff of Homa is designed to complement her. According to leaks, Hu Tao’s skill will hit harder the higher her max HP is, and her elemental burst’s DMG will be increased while her HP is less than 50%.

The Lithic Blade and the Lithic Spear will have an ATK sub stat but where they stand out from other weapons in Genshin Impact are their skills. They offer a 7% ATK and 3% CRIT Rate increase for every Liyue character in your party. For players with Beidou, this will be a fantastic weapon. With a party comprised entirely of Liyue characters, your sword user will enjoy an additional 28% ATK and 12% CRIT rate boost.

Alongside the Staff of Homa and the Lithic weapons, there will be an increased chance to obtain the Wolf’s Gravestone claymore through Epitome Invocation update, which will be available from February 23, 2021 to March 16, 2021. Genshin Impact is available for the PlayStation 4, PC, and mobile devices.

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