New Witchbrook Screenshots Show the Town, Steam Page Live

New Witchbrook Screenshots Show the Town, Steam Page Live

Chucklefish revealed new Witchbrook screenshots and opened a Steam page for the upcoming game. The magical life sim was first revealed back in 2018. Now we definitely know a PC version will appear. The new images also showed off Mossport, the town the academy calls home in Witchbrook. As for a possible launch date, the product page notes it is “still brewing.”

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Here’s the new batch of Witchbrook screenshots showing off areas in the town of Mossport.

There is also one “outlier” screenshot. It shows what the school’s potions classroom will look like.
Potions classroom

This is the first we’ve seen of Witchbrook in a while, as some of the last major screenshots appeared back in April 2020. In October 2021, a fake “newsletter” appeared to talk about the Annual Pumpkin Growing Competition and trick or treating.

The new Witchbrook Steam page confirms some other details about the game. There will be a post-game that looks at your “post-graduate” life. Gardening will appear as an activity. You will also be able to develop relationships, including romantic ones. The listing also mentioned online co-op and Steam achievements will appear.

Witchbrook is in development for PCs and will be available via Steam. There’s still no release date for it.

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