New World Has Launched In Japan, .hack’s Kite Appears As A Bonus Character





New World, Bandai Namco and CyberConnect2’s first title of Project N.U., the project that aims to bring back the setting and concept of the the .hack series, has launched today in Japan featuring .hack hero Kite as a login bonus character.


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Kite can be acquired as a login bonus character, and his voice actress Sayaka Aida has even recorded new lines for the game. “SR Twilight Hero Kite” will not only appear on the home screen, but can also join as an ally in your party. The developers say to look forward to new additional characters.


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As an added bonus for having over 200,000 pre-registered users, they’re also giving away special items with the “Soul Card (Character) [Juri],” twin swords “Joshiki Zouzan,” and Pyroxene x 20.




Here’s a look at some of the latest trailers for the game.


Battle System:






New World Trailer:


New World Vol. 1: Maiden of Silver Tears is currently available in Japan for Android and iPhone.

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