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The Newest Stranger Of Sword City Trailer Shows How You Get To Escario



In Stranger of Sword City, the player’s avatar is a human from our own world who suddenly finds themselves in Escario, a whole other realm. There, he or she is a chosen one with the ability to handle Blood Crystals, an item dropped by rare and powerful Lineage Type monsters. In NIS America’s newest video, people see how they end up as one of the Stranger of Sword City’s Strangers.


The Strangers Guild in Strangers of Sword City is made up of people who somehow found their way from our world into this other one. In the case of the player, they’re the only survivor of a plane crash that left them in Escario. Riu finds them in a dire situation, the two survive a few battles, and then you’re brought to the Strangers Guild. There, you become the newest member and are allowed to choose which of the three Vessels of Escario you most support. By giving them the Blood Crystals you’ll acquire from Lineage Types, you’ll eventually determine who holds the balance of power in Escario, as well as find your way toward your own fate.


Stranger of Sword City is immediately available for the Xbox One. It will come to the PlayStation Vita on April 26, 2016 in North America and April 29, 2016 in Europe.

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