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News On MediEvil Remake To Come Sometime In The Next Two Weeks



Sony has stayed quiet regarding the MediEvil remaster that was announced last year so far, but it seems the radio silence is going to end soon, as there will be news coming in the next two weeks or so. [Thanks, LethalTickle on Reddit!]


In the latest PlayStation Blogcast, it was mentioned that Shawn Layden, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, will be appearing on the podcast to give an update on MediEvil. While it’s uncertain whether any big news from SIE will accompany this guest visit, we can expect some sort of update on the status of the game on the podcast at the very least.


Here’s the full transcript:

“I have it on excellent authority that one Shawn Layden is going to be stopping on the show the next week or two – he’s very excited to give everybody a big update on MediEvil.”


You can find the full podcast here (the transcript starts around the 34 minute mark).


The MediEvil remaster is in development for PlayStation 4.

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