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Nexomon Extinction Nexopedia With Over 380 Characters Shared

nexomon extinction nexopedia

Wondering what the “all” look like in PQube and Vewo Interactive’s upcoming “gotta catch ‘em all” monster-collecting game? Well, there’s a site for that. The Nexomon Extinction Nexopedia is now open. Listings and placeholders for all 381 characters are available.

As you might expect, this is the equivalent of a Pokedex. Each character is assigned a number and grouped with its evolutions. When you look at an entry, you can see a creature’s official art, their type, an official description, their element, how hard it will be to find them, and their basic stats. If it is a character that can evolve, it will tell you what level the evolution will be triggered and show the name and official art for the evolution target.

Let’s use Cloddy, Nexomon #1, as an example. Its a normal-type character that looks a little like a bear. The description for its entry is, “They are small cuddly creatures enveloped by a fluffy fur that helps them keep balance because of their tiny legs.” Since it can evolve into Cubdy (and later Lukuma), it shows that character as its evolution target and reminds people it will evolve at level 13. (Cubdy becomes Lukuma at level 30.)

However, some Nexopedia entries are blank at the moment. This is because 14 of the 381 characters are Tyrant Nexomon. These are essentially this Pokemon-like’s Legendaries. Spots are there for them and you can see their types and numbers, but their names and stats haven’t been revealed yet. The only potential Tyrant-level character whose details do appear are the ghost-type Fane’s

Nexomon Extinction will come to the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on August 28, 2020. The Nexomon Extinction Nexopedia is open now, though entries for some don’t share all of their details just yet.

Jenni Lada
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