Nexon Announces Pocket MapleStory, And It Has Online Multiplayer



While Nexon already have MapleStory Live as a mobile game, it was only a single player title. They recently announced (thanks, 4Gamer) Pocket MapleStory, and while it might not be the MMORPG title fans have been hoping for, it has an online multiplayer mode with customizations.



The above is a look at gameplay from Pocket MapleStory.



And this second video above is a look at its first trailer, showing off a bit more of the world.


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According to 4Gamer, the game has over 400 quests and five types of playable characters with real-time online multiplayer. The characters can be customized in 14 different parts with all the weapons, armor, and accessories.


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Features from the PC version, such as the job system, guild, and market, will be prepared for the upcoming smartphone game.


Pocket MapleStory will launch in September 2014 in Korea, and sometime this October in Japan for smartphone.

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