Nexon’s Dragon Nest Is Headed To The Silver Screen



One of Nexon’s main online games is its third-person action RPG Dragon Nest. The game is being adapted into a full on theatrical movie. Really. And it’s called Dragon Nest: Warriors Dawn.


Oh, and the full 3D animated movie is being produced by the High School Musical producer. Really. Here’s the poster if you don’t believe me.



While you wipe your collective jaws off the floor, you can feast your eyes on the English trailer above, which tells us that Dragon Nest: Warriors Dawn is going to be a loving, romantic comedy with a coming-of-age twist. Maybe.


Okay, so it looks like it’s more a quest to defeat the big bad dragon, with the various classes from Nexon’s game taking on starring roles. They do appear to have names too, such as Liya the Archer or Algerta the Sorceress.



I can see the misgivings from a mile away, but the trailer looks great and the story should be interesting—especially to those of us with young sons who’ve had quite enough of “Let it Go”—and it looks like it’ll follow the game faithfully in name at any rate.


Thanks, ThisisGame.