Next Game In Neo Aquarium Series, Crab Battle, Now In Development


crab battle

Crab Battle, the next title in Nussoft’s post-apocalyptic Neo Aquarium series, is in development, and Nussoft recently posted an update showing off the gameplay.


The Neo Aquarium series includes wacky titles such as Neo Aquarium – The King of Crustaceans –, and Ace of Seafood, and this time the basic concept is much simpler, being a one-on-one crab fight, where the goal is to successfully flip over the enemy crab for 3 seconds. Below is the announcement video for the game:



Nussoft recently tweeted out a video showing off the latest build of the game, which now contains a bit more of the wackiness associated with the series:


From the new video, it seems that the higher the percentage, the easier the crab will flip over, similar to damage percentages in Super Smash Bros. Furthermore, new weapons have been added.


Crab Battle will be available for PC. A demo was released in Japan for Comiket 92.

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