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Ni no Kuni II Details Its Story, Main Characters, And A Closer Look At Its Gorgeous World



We learned a couple weeks ago that Level-5 is bringing Ni no Kuni II to PC along with its PS4 release, and Level-5 has followed up with more details on its story, characters, and about the world of Ni no Kuni on the game’s official website.


In case you missed it, the above is a look at the game’s latest trailer.

One day, a young boy became king…

Due to a conspiracy, the young king “Evan” was chased out of his own kingdom.

Being apart from someone special to him, Evan decides to make his own kingdom.

The story is about a young boy who becomes a grand king who chases away a giant evil.


About Ni no Kuni


There exists another world, found in a place different from this world.

There, you’ll find history that has been written completely different from our world.

Where is that place? How is it connected to our world?

While protecting something important that was forgotten long ago, Ni no Kuni continues to exist.


Here’s a look at some key characters:






Previously a king of Ding Dong Dell. After the death of his father, he was crowned as king. He’s bright and kindhearted, but due to his withdrawn personality, people doubted he’d make a good king. It wasn’t long until he was chased out of Ding Dong Dell following a coup d’état. After being separated from Alfini, who was both a mother and sister figure to Evan, he decides on becoming a king. In his adventure, the young king declares that he’ll unify Ni no Kuni, and builds his own kingdom.






In Ichi no Kuni (the “regular” world) he’s a 48-year old president of a large country. As a young leader, he has exceptionally high approval rating. In Ni no Kuni, he’s a 20-year-old young man. He’s extremely straightforward and has a strong sense of justice to go with it. He can also be a bit too stubborn at times. He has a bit of a complex of uncertainty that makes him wonder if he’s doing the right thing for his country as its president.



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Daughter of Gatto, the boss of the Sky Pirates. After being raised by the bossy Gatto, Tani has gained a bit of a strong-minded personality from the Sky Pirate boss. She actually likes cute and girly things, but she doesn’t show it since it doesn’t suit her character. She was abandoned as a child and isn’t blood by blood to Gatto.





The Hiddledies are “Spirits of the Heart” that can only be seen by the pure-hearted. They exist not only in humans, but so in the hearts of animals, water, wind, and such, to whom they lend their power. They can help out in battle or help you reach areas you can’t get to on your own.


Here’s a look at more of the game:


Field Map



You’ll get to freely adventure the beautiful world of Ni no Kuni that is shown in a diorama-like fashion.





Ni no Kuni is home to all kinds of unique dungeons. Let’s explore them using magic from the Higgledies.







The battles consist of various actions from close-ranged attacks, ranged attacks, magic, special attacks, and more. You can also get help from Higgledies in battle.


Ding Dong Dell





Ding Dong Dell was once a peaceful kingdom where cats and mice lived. However, due to actions from the minister of mice, Chuudain, the king was changed after a coup d’état, and the place turned into a town where cats are oppressed.


Ni no Kuni II releases in 2017 for PlayStation 4 and PC.

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