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Ni no Kuni II Will Have A Multiplayer Feature To Play Online With Friends



Level-5 CEO and Ni no Kuni II general director Akihiro Hino was at Bandai Namco’s booth at E3 2017 share more about the RPG’s new kingdom building feature and its multiplayer.


After a brief introduction of the game, Hino-san shares more about the kingdom building aspect of gameplay, which will require collecting various things during your adventure to help grow, and he says it will play a big role in the game.


He also talks about how the battle system mechanics for switching between characters has been significantly improved, and the Higgledies that will help out as tiny but powerful supports in battle.


Hino says Ni no Kuni II will have all kinds of cool characters, but as far as any returning characters from the first Ni no Kuni goes, it’ll have to be a secret for now.


When asked if there will be multiplayer, Hino confirmed that Ni no Kuni II will have multiplayer, where “you will be able to play online with your friends in various capacities.”


And finally, Hino says you don’t need to play the first game to enjoy Ni no Kuni II, as they’re completely different stories. However, those who did play the first game will notice things such as Easter eggs or references. Either way, he the story will be just as enjoyable for both sides.


Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom launches on November 10, 2017 for PlayStation 4 and PC. Siliconera recently got to try out the game at E3 2017, and you can read more about what we saw in our earlier report.

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