Ni no Kuni Movie’s New Trailers Introduce The Protagonist Yuu, Haru, Kotona, And Princess Asya



Warner Bros. Japan and Level-5 released another batch of character introduction trailers for the upcoming animated film Ni no Kuni. We’re introduced to the protagonist Yuu, his friends Haru, Kotona, and Princess Asya.



Yuu is a paraplegic who is bound to a wheelchair but has a brilliant mind that puts him on the top of his class in high school. He’s always had feelings for Kotona, who is dating his childhood freind Haru.



Haru is Yuu’s best friend. He’s popular in high school and is the ace of the basketball club. He’s in a relationship with Kotona.


Kotona & Princess Asya (CV: Mei Nagano)

Kotona is Yuu and Haru’s childhood friend. She’s innocent and adorable high school girl. She’s in a relationship with Haru. Princes Asya, on the other hand, is the princess of Ni no Kuni who happens to look exactly like Kotona.


Check our previous report for a look at the previous three character introduction trailers for Yoki, Danpa, and Gabaras.


Ni no Kuni’s animated film is set to debut in Japan on August 23, 2019. You can check out its first trailer here, and more info on a couple new characters here.

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