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Nidhogg Is Bringing Frantic Fencing And Pink Dragons To PS4 And Vita



Mark Essen’s IGF Nuovo Award-winning two-player fencing game Nidhogg is coming to PS4 and PlayStation Vita. Hopefully it’ll arrive on the back of its giant pink dragon.


It will be released simultaneously on both platforms with cross-buy so that you only have to purchase it once. Unless, of course, you’ve already bought the PC version, in which case you’ll have to buy it a second time if you want it on console.


Presuming that you don’t know what Nidhogg is, here’s what you need to know: it’s a very dramatic fighting game in which the victor is the one that is eaten by the Nidhogg (the massive pink dragon).


To do that, you need to run across three or four screens to get to the end of the final one. However, your opponent is trying to do the same, and if you kill them with a well-timed stab to the gut, then they’ll respawn ahead of you, ready for another fight.


Just like fencing, the fighting consists of low, mid, and high attacks and blocks. You can also run and slide at your opponent, disarm them, as well as throw your sword at them. Levels also provide multi-tier routes and require traversing some basic jumps while you fight. There’s also a baby mode and spineless swords, and some other peculiarities typical of Essen’s strange but entertaining games.


Nidhogg can be played in single player against an AI opponent, or you can grab a friend for local matches, and failing that you’ll be able to connect to PSN and find another player on either PS4 or Vita. There’s also a tournament mode that supports 3-8 players. It’s been a big hit at EVO and many other festivals due to its tense and skill-based play.


If you can’t wait for the PlayStation versions to arrive, then you can purchase the Windows and Mac versions on Steam and on the game’s website for $14.99.

Chris Priestman