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NieR: Automata Dev Team Comments On The 2B & 9S Dollfie Dream Dolls


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Dollfie Dream has revealed an interview with four dev team members who worked on NieR: Automata, including Yoko Taro. The four of them sat down to talk about the upcoming Dollfie Dream 2B and 9S dolls that are currently available for pre-order.


Here are the highlights:

On why dolls are a particularly good fit for NieR: Automata merchandise:

Yoko Taro, Director: “Puppet” is one of NieR: Automata’s core themes and keywords, and actually “doll” was one of the words considered for the title as well, so seeing actual dolls right here is quite impressive.

Also, as you might guess, unlike figures you can’t just sculpt out the game model just like that. For dolls you need to change the design a bit so that it fits, so we had to put our heads together to tweak the design. Well, it was mostly Matsudaira and Volks that helped make the changes, and I think the final product is quite something.”


On what’s so special about the NieR: Automata dolls:

Hito Matsudaira, Modeling Artist: “These two here are probably quite different from the other Dollfie Dream dolls by Volks. I wanted the dolls to look more realistic after all, to fit the original game’s atmosphere, so I made some outrageous requests. We especially worked hard on perfecting the body shape and the shape of the face, so that’s one thing I really want to show off. Though they’re wearing blindfolds. (Laughs) I hope people who buy the dolls will have fun unmasking them.”


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On who else the team would like to see made into Dollfie Dream dolls:

Yosuke Saito, Producer: “Well, I’d be lying to myself if I didn’t say A2 as my answer, but A2 barely wears any clothes, right? I was thinking that it might become too indecent. What do you think?”


Yoko Taro: “No, why not just go with that? We’d be going against the current trend.


Also, Volks just asked us this in a really casual fashion, but even if it wasn’t a human-like character, would you still Dollfie Dream-ify them anyways? …Such as Pascal. (Laughs) Like, you’d be asking yourself, “Wait, is this really Dollfie Dream?!””


Saito: “Instead of a doll, Pascal is closer to a Pod after all.”


Yoko Taro: “Wait, we could still just force the design to fit within Dollfie Dream proportions.”


Volks: Maybe just straight-up genderbend Pascal or something. (Laughs)


Saito: “Oh, are we really doing this?” (Laughs)


The Dollfie Dream 9S is sculpted by Misaki Serika. It, too, comes with an original style wig and head, DD base body, and semi-white skin. It’ll go for 78,000 yen plus tax and pre-orders will be available from October 20 to December 2, 2018 as well.


NieR: Automata is currently available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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