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NieR: Automata’s Latest Footage And Details On Weapons, Enemies, And Evading With Style



Square Enix and PlatinumGames shared more on their upcoming action RPG NieR: Automata during a PlayStation E3 live stream event, where we got to learn more about the game’s battle system.


Similar to when they showed footage during the NieR concert, Square Enix attempted to throw in more enemies in debug mode for the E3 demonstration, which followed by the game freezing due to having too many enemies. The footage concluded at this point, and Yoko Taro commented “I’m happy that it ended with a freeze, it was good to see a very NieR-like ending to it.”


Here are some gameplay highlights:


  • You’ll get to go out with a set of two weapons that you can switch between in battle.


  • The game is being made with the idea of being able to move around swiftly in mind.



  • A new gauntlet-type melee weapon was introduced. This weapon has more focus on speed.


  • You can use the Pod to shoot. You’ll be able to grab the Pod and glide around, or attack enemies while gliding.


  • There are more actions as you advance through the game.


  • The desert area is quite large, but you’ll get to visit all the parts you can see.


  • Each area has its own exclusive costumes, and you’ll also see enemies appear wearing those costumes.


  • You’ll find some enemies that wield weapons.


  • During the demo, an enemy holding a spear was shown. There are enemies that use other types of weapons as well.


  • Since it’s useless to shoot enemies with shields, you’ll need to rely in close-ranged combat to break its shield before beating them.


  • There are also enemies that will shoot you as well, and evading their attacks will be important.


  • Giant enemies have tough armor, so you’ll need to fight them by slowing chipping away at their armor to damage them.


  • You’ll get to evade in style.


Here’s some of the footage that was shown today [thanks, DualShockers.]:

Here’s a look at its newest screenshots:









NieR: Automata will release in 2017 for PlayStation 4. Check our earlier report for a few quotes from Yoko Taro about the game’s story and ending.

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