Niffelheim Will Turn The Most Terrifying Part Of Minecraft Into A Norse Fantasy RPG



Ellada Games introduced its 2D, hand-painted open world RPG Niffelheim with a teaser trailer and the first round of information. It’s fantasy world is based in Norse mythology, which means you can expect houses made to look like sleeping bears, and a huge Viking chopping his way through Death’s demonic hordes.


What’s perhaps most interesting about Niffelheim is that it seems to be banking on the most terrifying parts of Minecraft. Do you remember when you first tunnelled into the dark underground and could hear the husky groans of zombies all around you? All that stood between you was a thin wall, and you couldn’t know if the next cube you demolished would let them flood in on your position – it was unnerving.


Niffelheim will have you going on a similar expedition. According to Ellada Games, you’ll need to explore the darkness of the underworld, tunnelling through its walls of bone, harvesting food and resources as a creeping evil closes in on you. “Battle through endless caverns and dungeons with more evil than gold inside,” Ellada continues, “creatures and monsters that defy description await their fates at the end of your blade.”


Presuming that you do survive your trip underground (of which there will be many), you’re able to take your treasures back to the overworld, which is hardly a safe haven itself, and start growing a kingdom. You can build a castle, develop farms, and craft weapons and tools to give you a better chance at surviving your next trip downwards. You can also bring AI friends or invite your actual friends to join you with the multiplayer functionality – that should make it a little easier.



You can find out more about Niffelheim on its website. It will be coming to PC in 2016.

Chris Priestman