Nifl And Muspell Celebrate New Year’s In Fire Emblem Heroes Special Heroes Banner


feh new year

Fire Emblem Heroes has revealed its New Year’s Special Heroes banner just ahead of the turn of 2019, and it features characters belonging to Nifl and Muspell in Fire Emblem Heroes.


Here are a look at the units and skills below:

Fjorm, New Traditions

new years 1 new years 2


Hrid, Resolute Prince

new years 3 new years 4


Laevatein, Kumade Warrior

new years 5 new years 6


Gunnthra, Year’s First Dream

new years 7 new years 8



Check out the trailer below:


The New Year’s Heroes will be participating in a Tempest Trials+ that begins on December 31, 2018 at 11pm PT. The rewards will be the Spur Def/Res 1 and Atk/Spd Bond 1 Sacred Seals, as well as Laegjarn, New Experiences.




The bonus units for the Tempest Trials+ are shown below:

tt bonus


Fire Emblem Heroes is available for iOS and Android.

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