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Night Watch Does Look Cute, But Its Monsters Are Horrifying



We previously got a look at Nippon Ichi’s upcoming night exploring game, called Night Watch. While it might look cute at first glance, the monsters aren’t something you’ll want to take lightly. Now, here’s a little more info on the upcoming Vita title.



In Night Watch, you’ll play as a young girl who is out to look for her pet dog and older sister, as the two have gone missing. Holding a flashlight, this young girl will explore the creepy night to find her loved ones.



The game starts with the young girl leaving her room and house in the middle of the night.


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You’ll spend your time exploring and looking for clues as the game advances. After exploring, the young girl will write what happened on her diary.



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There are many things to find in the dark, and it’ll be crucial to check it with the flashlight whenever you find something different. When you see a “?” it means there’s something to check nearby, and it turns into a “!” once you get close and it changes.


Sometimes you’ll find items that people lost that might come in handy later.


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For example, a rock can be used to throw or as a marker. Money will be required for some parts, and the toy shovel can be used in places like sandboxes at parks.


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The more you advance, the more dangers await the young girl. Sometimes she’ll feel the chill of a certain something standing behind her… and sometimes they are real enough to assault the girl. The moment they find her, she’s in danger.


Most of these monsters aren’t friendly, as they have ill-intent, and will try to hurt the young girl upon discovery. For this reason, you’ll want to safely travel without getting caught.



The “Streetlight shadow” seems to have a shape of a person, but also one of a street lamp. Which one is it?



The “Child’s Ghost” is the spirit of a child that lost its life from an accident. It appears to be having fun showing its menacing grin.



The “Road Blocker” is a spider-like creature that crawls around town. It’s characterized by its giant mouth and eyes.



These ghosts and many other monsters that can be found throughout the game; however, the young girl’s heart rate increases as you get close to one, so you’ll know when they’re near, even if you might not be able to see them right away.



When ghosts and monsters are near, you can hide behind bushes and signs to avoid them. While hiding, you won’t be able to see anything around you, as seen in the above screenshot., which means you’ll need to rely on the young girl’s heartbeat to know if they’re still around.



If you get caught by a monster with malice, you won’t see them the next night. Each monster has their own characteristics and ways around them, so it’ll be a matter of learning how they act before you can successfully travel in their domain.


Night Watch is slated for release in Japan on October 29, 2015 for PlayStation Vita.

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