Night Watch’s Latest Gameplay Footage Is Not For The Faint Of Heart

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Nippon Ichi’s upcoming cute-yet-horrifying PlayStation Vita game Night Watch is releasing in Japan just a couple days before Halloween, and Dengeki recently uploaded their play video, showing us the game’s early stages.


The video starts out with the beginning of the game, where the little girl is with her sister, who goes out to look for their pet dog that just ran off. After the older sister goes away, the little girl is left alone in the eerie night of town.


The player mentions how there’s actually a lot of things to explore, as he approaches cautiously to look for the dog and sister. Starting around the 5:15 mark, things start getting really creepy, when he notices what appears to be silhouettes on the streets.


Moments later, you begin to hear the little girl’s heart beat getting louder and faster, meaning there are monsters nearby. You might not always be able to see them, but they can appear from out of nowhere, so you’ll want to trust her feelings on that.


At the 7:30 mark, we get to see the older sister. She then tells the little girl to “come here,” then tells her to hide in the grass and close her eyes, and no matter what, don’t open them. You have no choice but to agree, and she vanishes after a strange sound. What the heck, sis?


While you can run away from some monsters, you’ll sometimes need to hide behind bushes and other objects. Once the heartbeat sound goes away, it means you’re safe to get out of hiding and back to more searching.


You’ll advance through the game by checking out different objective areas and picking up items that are needed to continue on to the next parts… that is, if you can manage to do so without getting caught by one of its many monsters.


Night Watch will release in Japan on October 29, 2015 for PlayStation Vita.

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