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Nights of Azure 2 Introduces The Female Gunner Camilla, More On Friendly Demons



In addition to the new trailer for Nights of Azure 2, Gust shared new information on a new character named Camilla Arukado, more on friendly demons, and giant boss fights.


Camilla Arukado


Camilla is a scientist who does research on half-demons. With cold observant eyes, she’s not easily shaken up and speaks with plain remarks. She’s considered a genius who was able to bring back Alushe as a half-demon after her heart was pierced by a demon. She contributes to Alushe and the others with the hotel that acts as their base; however, her reasons for supporting them remains unknown. She fights using a gun while as a Lily partner.



Camilla provides support for Alushe with various advice. Other than her cold looks and vibe, she’s actually kind and emotional, and she’ll help Alushe by keeping her in check when she goes on acts recklessly.



You’ll get to take a Lily and two Servans with you in battle. Camilla specializes in long-ranged attacks with her gun.



Camilla is able to switch between two modes using her gun barrel. The short barrel works better for spread shots while the long barrel is better for high power and precision shooting. She also has a variety of items in her coat.


Most demons have lost themselves, and attack people by instinct. However, there are some that aren’t completely lost from the blue blood, and are able to keep their consciousness. These are the ones you can save from other demons, and can be recruited as Servans to help our Alushe.



The cat-type Servan named “Nero” is closer to Alushe than any other Servan. This has something to do with Alushe’s past.



“Shalf” is the wolf-type Servan. He fights using his powerful fangs and electric attacks in battle, and also has swift movements. Shalf’s electricity can also be used to solve gimmicks, or puzzles.



The Servans will be able to support Alushe in battle in other ways than a Lily. You can use their special abilities, can use them as powerful equipment for Alushe, open new paths, and various other ways.



“Eir” is a new bird-type Servan. It features flaming wings and uses its body and fire to take on groups of enemies.



Eir is a Striker Servan, and is able to transform into a great sword. This flaming sword can dish out powerful damage using combustive attacks. Again, you can further power up the sword to double the attack’s effect.



There are fearsome giant demons. The one shown in the above is a large-demon that you’ll meet on your way to the Moon Queen. Compared to other demons, these guys are much more powerful, and it’ll be crucial to properly team up with your Lily and Servans to take them on. Again, there are stage mechanics that will help weaken bosses for these boss fights, making life a little easier when fighting these giant foes.


Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon releases in Japan on December 22, 2016 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. The game is also headed Westward.

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