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Nights of Azure 2 Introduces The Knight Lily Muveil And Some New Servans



Gust shared the latest on their upcoming PS4 and PS Vita RPG, Nights of Azure 2, with a look at some new screenshots and details on a new character named Muveil along with some new Servans.


Muveil Folin Ru


Muveil is a senior knight who is an older sister-figure to Alushe. She has a cool personality, but has an intense fighting spirit when it comes to fighting. She’s strict in discipline and towards her subordinates, but they admire her for her strength and kindness.


She fought against demons as the first holy knight that has artificially become half-demon, but fell to the enemies after a certain incident. She tries getting Alushe to become more like her.




Muveil is a former-holy knight who Alushe admired. She no longer has the dignity and kind face she once did, and will try to lure Alushe with the power and pleasures of a demon.



Similar to Alushe, Muveil fights using a Blood Sword as a weapon. She previously used to take out ferocious enemies as a holy knight, but now that she’s gained the powers of a demon, she is on another level.



Muveil and Alushe are taking on tough enemies in the above shot. Previously the two were commanding officer and subordinate and worked well together as they took on powerful foes.


Servans come in different forms. The “Strikers have the ability to transform into powerful equipment and “Trickers” can use special attacks.



Alice uses her trumpet to call out rabbit doll underlings in battle. She tries to act more like an adult, but since she still looks like a child she tries to make up for it by ordering them around with authority.



Alice is a “Striker” Servan who can change her form into a mirror shield. Her shield form is tough enough to block some of the most powerful spells.



Feuille is a fairy-type Servan who loves to sleep and has a gentle personality. She mostly does everything she can to help out Alushe so that she can get things over with and go back to sleep as soon as possible.



Feuille is a “Tricker” Servan who is able to manipulate flower petals and uses it against enemies. She’ll kindly use her abilities to protect allies.



The well-trained shrine maiden Liliana has the ability to change the prayers to the sun into power and uses it against demons. When Alushe finds herself in a punch, Liliana has the power to “slow down time” to help her out.



Camilla is the one responsible for bringing back Alushe as a half-demon. She appears to be attracted to Alushe, for research purposes, or perhaps…



After defeating enemies, Alushe levels up through their blood. Her attack power parameters and such go up as she also acquires ability points. Using these ability points, you can get her to learn abilities. As for the Lily partners, when their “intimacy level” reaches certain points, they’ll level up through exclusive quests. Similar to Alushe, their parameters increase and they learn new abilities as they level up.



And finally, first-print buyers will get the “Puni” from the Atelier series as a Servan who fights along your side as a cute ally.


Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon releases in Japan on December 22, 2016 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. The game is also headed Westward.

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