Nintendo Switch

Ninja Box Lets You Build Cardboard And Iron Fortresses Or A Mix Of Both



The upcoming sandbox “super large-scale crafting” game Ninja Box will let players make their own secret bases and Bandai Namco shared a look at some of the different kinds of structures you can make in the latest issue of Famitsu magazine.



In order to craft you’ll need materials that range from basic ingredients such as iron and wood. There are all kinds of materials that you can use to make an impregnable fortress made completely of iron or a simple fortress made of cardboard.



Iron base


Wooden base


Cardboard base


In addition to the above three materials, there are more that you can use to build all kinds of different secret bases.



As for personalizing your base, there are various interior decoration items.



A skyscraper-like base is one option, but you’ll be free to go wild with your designs.



As for material, you can get them in Oshina Town where you’ll get to explore and meet its people.



The above is a look at the “Ninja Box,” an ancient ninja tool that can only be used by a select few.



The Ninja Box has a crafting function that allows it to craft just about anything so long as you give it the right material and plans.


Ninja Box is in development for Nintendo Switch. Check our previous report to read more about its ninjas and sandbox elements.

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