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Ninja Box Shares A First Look At How You’ll Make Forts With A Bunch Of Ninjas And A Normal Boy



Bandai Namco recently announced a brand-new and original “super large-scale crafting” game they’re working on and we got its first details from the game’s official website on how it plays along with a special trailer.


The above video features “Tonkachi” a ninja with a smartphone attached to his forehead, which he uses to record videos as a “Nintuber.”



Ninja Box is all about making your very own “secret base,” for example, you can make a “relaxation area” that is made of only things you like or you can make giant fortresses so big you could get lost in it.



The above screenshots give us a good idea of how you’ll get to create something smaller such as a single room with furniture to a gigantic fort made of various structures.



Here’s a concept art for the game that shows us various characters who appear to be building a fortress.




This is Tonkachi, a ninja from Tatemakuri Village who is always in a festive mood. He has a smartphone on his forehead which he uses to upload videos that aren’t very popular, but he always tries to think of ways to increase his view count. The hammer he holds is actually a high-tech item.




Everything about Hiroto is as normie as it gets. He has normal grades, normal in sports,  and is basically an exceptionally normal fifth grader. However, he does have the biggest reactions. He meets Tonkachi and gets caught up building a base together.


Ninja Box is in development for Nintendo Switch.

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