Ninja Gaiden Composer Working On Homage To ‘80s Sci-Fi Action Games



Exile’s End is an upcoming videogame homage to the action games of the Commodore 64 and Amiga released during the 1980s. Nothing too special by itself, but what should grab your attention is that its art and music is being provided by “legends of the 8 and 16-bit eras from Japan.”


This includes music from the composer of the original Ninja Gaiden Keiji Yamagishi. And it’ll also have graphics from artists who have previously worked on Sword of Mana and Guilty Gear.


The studio creating the game is called Magnetic Realms, which is an Australian born videogame developer now based in Tokyo, all completely managed by one guy, Matt Fieldling. He’s working with Marvelous Entertainment to bring the game to Windows, Mac, and Linux.


screen1 screen2

Exile’s End is based on Fielding’s previously released game Inescapable, but will have new graphics, a new soundtrack, more and better enemies, animated cutscenes, and a rewritten story with multiple endings. It’s mostly inspired by European games such as Exile and Flashback but, of course, will have Japanese stylings due to the artists working on it.


Keep up with the development of Exile’s End on the developer’s website.

Chris Priestman