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The Ninja Robot Metroidvania Kunai Is Coming to Switch and PC This Week


Kunai, the latest in a long line of contenders to the Metroidvania throne will be released this week on February 6, 2020 on the Nintendo Switch and PC. Developed by TurtleBlaze and published by The Arcade Crew, Kunai sees you play as Tabby, a ninja tablet whose mission is to defeat the evil A.I. Lemonkus, stop the robot uprising, and rescue mankind.


With a soul infused with that of an ancient warrior, one could possibly assume that Tabby is equipped to overthrow Lemonkus. Not at first, however, as you start with nothing. Tabby will quickly get a sword need to defeat the enemy robots throughout the early stages in order to unlock various different weapons and abilities to aid you throughout your later missions.


The colors are minimalist and almost Super Game Boy-esque in their appearance, with each stage having its very own palette. Kunai’s soundtrack is equally retro in execution, adding to the whole aesthetic. Gameplay-wise, it is filled with fast-paced action and screen-shaking explosions, giving the game more modern sensibilities.

Whether Kunai can dethrone the likes of Hollow Knight, The Messenger, and Dead Cells remains to be seen, although it won’t take long to find out. It will be released in a week that also sees the likes of Touhou Spell Bubble and Yuoni: Rising as eShop competition.

Kunai will be available for the Nintendo Switch and PC worldwide on February 6, 2020.

Brian Cooper
Owner of the Japanese Nintendo blog and a gamer since the 1980s with the ZX Spectrum 48k+.