This Shuriken Arcade Darts Game Is Officially Recognized by the Japan Ninja Council


At JAEPO 2020, Dartslive revealed a new darts game for arcades named Ninja Trainer Arcade. It is based on the Ninja Trainer shuriken dartboard that is currently available. The arcade game trains your shuriken throwing skills and “aims to provide the best ninja experience ever”. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]

Players take aim at a translucent dartboard with an LED display behind it to show targets. The game is score-based, and players compete with each other for the highest score. The shurikens themselves are made of a soft material, so that they don’t actually hurt others if thrown the wrong way, but the dartboard is also specially made so that the shuriken stick into it in a satisfying manner.

There are several modes available. One that plays like traditional darts, where you try to aim for the center. Another has you aiming around the screen to hit target areas that change between throws. A third has you target moving areas across the screen. Finally, a multiplayer mode has players aim to take areas with their throws, including opponents’ areas.

The game has been officially recognized by the Japan Ninja Council, and they will be using the machines for their national shuriken-throwing competitions. According to Dartslive, another big goal is to draw in tourists interested in ninjas, which is why the darts machine has instructions written in English as well.

Finally, the arcade darts machine even comes equipped with its own vending machine, where you can purchase Ninja Trainer to play with at home.

Ninja Trainer Arcade is expected to sneak into Japanese arcades sometime in 2020.

Alistair Wong
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