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Ninjala Patch 2.0 Will Let Players Match With One Another Worldwide

Ninjala Wordlwide

The latest Ninjala patch will let players match with one another worldwide. With the 2.0 patch update, players will no longer be locked to their region-specific servers and can now match with friends from across the globe. In addition to this, the ranking boards have been changed to accommodate this new update. [Thanks, BlackKite and 4Gamer!]

In regards to latency, the developers had this to say via the official Ninjala Update Release Notice:

We have now made it possible to match with players of any region, provided that transmission speeds fall within defined acceptable parameters.

Players will be able to play with friends internationally, queue up for ranked matches, and have the opportunity to play with other players from other countries. These regions include the designated North and Central America, Europe, Asia/Ocenania, and Japanese servers.

Outside of the option to play Ninjala with friends worldwide, matchmaking has been adjusted so that players are more likely to be ranked with other players of a similar ranks. Gum weapon parameters have also been adjusted. Additionally, the UI and UX in Ninjala has been changed to better reflect Super Armor activating, and a Parry Guide HUD as been added as well. UX updates include showing the remaining number of users currently preparing for a match, and it will now show which parties are partied with one another in the Matching Lobby.

Ninjala is a free-to-play title for Nintendo Switch. This stylized online action battle game reached one million downloads at launch, with current downloads now past three million.

Ninjala is available for the Nintendo Switch and is a free-to-download game. Season passes, which provide new content like costumes, are available for actual money.

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