Nintendo Classic Mini: Famicom Announced For November 10th In Japan



A while back, the NES Classic Edition was announced for Europe and North America. A similar console is also headed to Japan in the form of the Nintendo Classic Mini: Famicom. [Thanks, Nintendo Everything.]


You can check it out in the following video.



The Nintendo Classic Mini: Famicom will cost 5,980 yen and will feature 30 built-in titles such as Dr. Mario, ExciteBike, Pac-Man, Metroid and many others. The Japanese Famicom will also feature exclusive games compared to the NES Classic Edition, including River City Ransom and Final Fantasy III.


Speaking of the NES Classic Edition, a new trailer was revealed for the console over on Nintendo UK’s official Twitter. You can watch it below.



The NES Classic Edition will release on November 11th in North America and Europe while the Nintendo Classic Mini: Famicom will release in Japan on November 10th.