Nintendo DS Platformer Drawn to Life Is Now Available On iOS


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Drawn to Life, the colourful platformer that originally debuted on the Nintendo DS, is now available to play on iOS.


Previously by 5th Cell released for the Nintendo DS in 2007, the unique game can now be played on both iPhones and iPads. Published by 505 Games, the iOS version is simply a port of the Nintendo DS version, with no added features.


Drawn to Life features a unique gameplay system that allows users to draw their own hero and progress through various levels fighting bad guys and solving puzzles. Players also must draw other various objects in the game, such as vehicles that can be driven and vines that can be swung on. Even the sun and the moon must be drawn by the player. The platformer features fast gameplay similar to that of the Donkey Kong Country games or Super Mario Bros.


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The iOS port of Drawn to Life is not as easy to use as the DS version, however. The game features virtual gamepad buttons, which can take some time getting used to. The L and R buttons, as well as the buttons the front of the DS are all on the screen of the iPhone or iPad. While this might be a downside, the game plays exactly like the original in every other regard.


The sequel to Drawn to Life, Draw to Life: The Next Chapter was published by THQ in 2009 and was released for both the Nintendo DS and the Wii. No news has been released on whether or not 505 Games will make it available for the iOS.


Drawn to Life can be downloaded for iOS here.