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Nintendo EPD Manager Shinya Takahashi: DLC Has Been A Good Fit For Nintendo Switch


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IGN recently interviewed Nintendo Entertainment Planning and Development General Manager Shinya Takahashi, and he explained that due to Nintendo Switch embracing downloadable titles, it has also enhanced compatibility with additional DLC.


Takahashi told IGN that due to the Switch being a console which can be taken on the go, it makes the best use of the ability to download entire titles. These downloaded titles have very good compatibility with the idea of additional content. He mentioned that Nintendo likes to think about which software titles would have great value for additional DLC.


Outside of DLC, Takahashi mentioned that he was inspired by the many fan-created Joy-cons and suggested that Nintendo could make different Joy-con variations, or even new types of attachments, considering their detachable nature. It was happy thing for him and Nintendo to see fans embracing Nintendo Switch customization.

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