Nintendo, Game Freak, and The Pokemon Company Apply for ‘World Down’ Trademark

It was discovered yesterday that Game Freak, Nintendo, and The Pokemon Company filed a trademark for ‘World Down’ in Japan earlier this year. It’s currently unknown what the name might be used for, although it’s most likely Pokemon-related. [Thanks, Japanese Nintendo!]

Considering the parties involved with the trademark application, it could be a new feature as part of Pokemon Sword and Shield‘s Expansion Pass, but with Game Freak working on side games like Pokemon Quest as well, it could be for a smaller thing as well. More likely, the name could also be used for an expansion for the Pokemon card game. And, of course, there is the possibility that the trademark just doesn’t end up used at all.

Here’s the trademark application, filed on January 15, 2020, below:

Currently, the trademark has been filed for video game and card game use.

Alistair Wong

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