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Nintendo Got Asked Two Cute Questions In The Latest Investor’s Meeting


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During the latest investor’s meeting, Nintendo was asked two surprising questions by for once passionate investors, regarding the Famicom Detective Club series and the Nintendo Tokyo store in Japan set to open this year in November.


Here are them below:

Q7: It’s been 30 years since the release of Famicom Detective Club, yet thanks to the presentation and story it still tugs on my heartstrings. I hope that these sorts of game software that can be talked about for a long time can be constantly released. In the current state of Nintendo, is it possible to make these sorts of adventure genre games? I would like to know about how game development for this genre is structured, as well as communication with overseas developers.


Shinya Takahashi, president: “Nintendo’s software development structure involves thousands of people around the world between the company and second parties that help with development, with various games created under many types of producers. Each producer has their strengths and weaknesses, but we don’t just ask them to make games they’re good at, but take on different roles and challenge themselves on making different genre games.[…]”


Shigeru Miyamoto, Creative Fellow: “Thank you for this question that can also be taken as encouragement. We also want to make games that we won’t be embarrassed about 10 years later. We’re told sometimes that we only keep making sequels, but we have many brands that have continued for 30 years. We also keep working hard on releasing games in new series.

Regarding adventure games, I have also helped develop many of them beginning with Shin Onigashima, but it’s very hard to make one in the current environment. Nowadays, games are localized in over 10 languages, and adventure games’ localization costs are massive in terms of voices and text. Furthermore, younger gamers trend towards being uninterested in this genre. However, designing adventure game mechanics is fun, and are used well in Capcom’s Ace Attorney and Level-5’s Professor Layton series, so while we can still have hope for the genre, please understand that actively making one is hard in the current mainstream.”


Q15: I felt really envious seeing videos of Nintendo fans reacting in excitement while watching the E3 presentation together at the NYC Nintendo store. With Nintendo opening a store in Tokyo, will similar events be held here?

Satoru Shibata, board of directors member: “In November, Nintendo Tokyo will open at Shibuya Parco, the first domestic Nintendo store. At Nintendo Tokyo, we will sell hardware, software, and accessories, as well as Nintendo IP character goods. Additionally, we will be holding events proactively like the ones at Nintendo New York. This place will be a new headquarters from which to receive Nintendo news, and we are planning on holding various events there.”

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